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Day 17- New Neighbors

The best part about today was meeting our new neighbors.

The special thing about them is that they aren’t actually “new” to us at all. Today my aunt and uncle closed on a house down the street from us. After school we were able to walk down and check out their new place. They were busy already with ripping up old laminate flooring, rolling up carpet, and removing kitchen cabinets.

It’s so exciting that they will only be about 6 houses away from us because my aunt watches my cousins children, and my daughter LOVES playing with them! So now after school she will finally have her “cousins” close by to play and run around with.

I’m thankful to have such a close family. I originally moved to Woodridge because my aunt was watching my daughter and it was so helpful to be close by, and now we are right down the block from each other. My aunt and uncle are the type of people who will help anyone with anything. There are so many days I would go pick up my daughter after school and they would be sending me home with dinner too.

I’m excited to see how their house comes along, and even more excited to have everyone nearby us!


One response to “Day 17- New Neighbors”

  1. This is so great!! Good for you, for your aunt and uncle, and for all the cousins! Fun times.


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