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Day 16- The Leprechaun

It’s already past bedtime and I’m telling my daughter she needs to hurry up and get in the shower so she can get to bed. Her response is, “Ok! I just need to build my leprechaun trap really quick!”

Leprechaun trap?!

When Leilah was little my dad always had fun helping her set up a leprechaun trap. The next morning we would wake up and it would be filled with candy- gold coins and Skittles. Some years there were balloons and small gifts left behind. There would be footprints and a trap that was almost, but not quite, successful. Usually a card or a note hand written by the leprechaun she almost caught.

But now my dad doesn’t watch her as much since she is in school full time and he is working during the week. So here I am fighting to stay awake, in my pajamas, at 9:00, with nothing.

I thought for a minute… she’s getting older. Does she REALLY believe that a tiny leprechaun is trying to sneak into our house at night looking for a pot of gold? But I know my years are limited and I am not one to crush the magic of believing, so I will need to come up with something.

Today I am thankful that I still have the opportunity to make the holidays magic for her. Here’s to all of the parents managing the leprechaun traps tonight!


One response to “Day 16- The Leprechaun”

  1. I have not started any of these cute St Patrick’s day leprechaun traditions, but I commend all of you in the thick of it! Hold on strong… you only have a few more of these precious years left.


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