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Day 13- To Do Lists

Lately life has been so busy and overwhelming. I feel like every day there is a new thing that needs to be done, and some days it feels impossible to keep up. I’m thankful that right now I have a lot of fun things to focus on- but it is still hard to remember everything.

Today I am thankful for writing to-do lists.

It’s really the only thing that helps me stay focused, remember what I need to get done, and prioritize what is most important. Plus I love the feeling of crossing something off when it’s completed.

I feel like I am always making to-do lists, whether I am at home, at work, or taking a class. I use them when I am planning a birthday party, writing down errands/chores, or filling out IEP paperwork at work. They keep me motivated and make it feel like the never ending adult responsibilities are actually possible to accomplish.

To-do lists also put the pressure on me to actually get everything done- because I know it will just sit there until I am able to cross it off and move on. It’s always my #1 go to when I am starting to feel overwhelmed.

(Now I can cross off this daily post on my to-do list!)


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