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Day 12- Alone

My family and I recently started watching a show called Alone on Netflix. It is all about surviving on your own in the wilderness of British Columbia. It’s shocking to me that people are actually willing to go on this show- fighting starvation, grizzly bears (and other wildlife), hypothermia, etc.. just for a small chance of being the longest lasting contestant and winning $500,000.

It’s entertaining to hear my daughters thoughts on this show- she talks about how she would help catch fish and forage for mushrooms to help feed us if we were ever in this position. She talks about the shelter she would build in the forest to keep us safe. Such a sweet, innocent view of this experience.

I know for a fact that I would be crying and begging to go home within the first hour. I can’t even handle a night of camping in a safe place with a tent, water, food, air mattress, etc.. I don’t even like going outside of my own home when it is dark enough, I can’t imagine being outside in the middle of the night with deadly wildlife.

Anyway, this is how we spent most of our day today- avoiding the snow/cold and binge watching shows on Netflix. I’m thankful for Sundays without plans to have time to rest and relax before the craziness of Monday hits.


One response to “Day 12- Alone”

  1. Dear Ready for the Sunshine:

    First and foremost, I love your title! I am always ready for sunshine (smile); but, I also find this post endearing. You are far more vigilant than me. I’ve never been camping (with no regrets) as I can’t bear the thought of sleeping outside with other creatures great and small in my immediate vicinity. I know that may make me a wuss, but I’ve accepted that (lol)!

    I think it’s lovely that your daughter is so courageous and could immediately connect to the idea of employing her bravery for the survival of her family. I’d like to believe that I could help my family survive in a life or death scenario. That being said, I’d like to avoid that scenario if at all possible!

    Cheers to you for taking the time to slow down and nestle in with the ones you love. Monday comes with fierceness that I don’t always feel ready for. May this weekend be the start of an amazing week – and when and if it gets crazy, I hope these memories will serve you well.

    Good Night from Centennial, Colorado :o)

    ~Dr. Carla Michelle


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