• Day 31- Baby Kicks

    Today I felt my best friend’s baby kick for the first time. We have been anticipating this moment for a long time! Today I laid next to her on the couch and pressed my hand against her baby bump.

    At first, nothing…

    She tried everything- drinking cold water, eating, and even playing music for the baby. I waited and waited.

    Suddenly I felt it! The tiniest little thud against the palm of my hand. I’m not sure if it was a punch, or a kick, or something else but I definitely felt her. It was a big movement for a little girl the size of an eggplant.

    She is so loved already. I cannot wait to hold her in my arms!

  • Day 30- “Hello!”

    Today I went to the Oak Park Conservatory with my dad and my daughter, Leilah. The best part was seeing the parrots “talking” back with Leilah. We spent most of the time saying “hello” to them, and they would then all start repeating “hello” over and over again.

    One of the best parts of having kids is experiencing all of these small moments through their point of view. She always seems to pick up on all of the little details I miss. She makes me slow down and be more observant- feeling the leaves, smelling the flowers, and looking for the smallest details. Her sense of wonder is amazing to me!

    I wonder when we lose that- it is nice to be reminded to find the beauty in the simplest things.

  • Day 29- Cousins

    Cousins are just the best. Today Leilah and I spent time with my cousin and her kids. All of the kids play so nice together, so it really gives us a break when we’re all together. Today we met up at an indoor pool and then went out to dinner together afterwards. The kids had so much fun swimming, going down water slides, and then coloring and playing at dinner.

    Of course while they’re occupied we get to talk about any and every thing.

    I’m so thankful to have a built in best friend- we live close together, our kids go to school together, we hang out with each other, go on vacations, and even work in the same building.

    I’m excited and so thankful that we get to raise our kids so close together, and I can’t wait to see their relationship when they’re all grown up!

  • Day 28- Discount Tire

    I’m writing this post from the waiting area at Discount Tire. I found a nail in my tire, which luckily didn’t cause a flat, but I still had to bring my car in.

    We’ve already been here two hours, and they have yet to look at my car- but I’m thankful that I have the time to wait today.

    It’s such a weird feeling sitting here without anything to do. I already figured out the Wordle for today. We even walked across the street to Aldi and did some grocery shopping. Now we’re just sitting here and waiting, so I thought to get this blog done.

    When Leilah was younger, I used to carry a backpack filled with books and activities. I’ve always tried to limit her bringing electronics around, so this was always our entertainment- coloring sheets, play dough, books, a journal, and small toys. Now that she’s older I rarely carry a backpack with us, but on days like today I wish I still had.

    I think we’ve all become too reliant on technology for entertainment- I know I definitely spend way too much time on my phone. One of my goals is to cut back for both of us.

    What are your favorite activities to bring along for you or your kids?

  • Day 27- New Parents

    I love this stage of life, because my friends are starting to have babies of their own. It’s so special to me because I have watched them be amazing “aunties” and “uncles” to my own daughter for years. They are so sweet to share all of the exciting news with us- gender reveals, ultra sound videos, nursery pictures, and baby shower planning! It’s amazing to see the baby grow and be by my friends side through her first pregnancy.

    I cannot wait until July so I can love on and spoil this little baby, just like her mom + dad did for me.

  • Day 26- A Good and Busy Day

    The first day of spring break- what a great feeling.

    I wanted to sleep in, but naturally woke up when my first alarm usually goes off. Luckily I didn’t have to rush out of bed.

    Our first activity was my daughters gymnastics class at 9:00. I got to hang out with my cousin and talk for an hour. We followed it up with a quick trip to Target to pick up some gifts.

    Our next stop was my friends bridal shower. It was the cutest tea party, and I was able to see all of my friends and celebrate the upcoming wedding!

    The last stop was my dads house. He turned 62 today! We gave him his gift, went out to dinner, and ended the night with cupcakes. I saw my brothers and my cousins- which is always a fun time.

    Today was a busy day, but not our usual busy day. It was so nice to be running around to all of the fun activities, rather than running around to early morning drop offs and work/school.

    It was a great start to break!

  • Day 25- Crush

    It’s starting so young… my daughter is already talking about having a “crush” on a boy in her class. I’m thankful that she is still at the age where she tells me EVERYTHING. I have the inside scoop on the of the second grade drama. Bless her teacher, because the “crushes” seem to change every three days.

    Anyway, my daughter seemed to learned today that her “crush” has a “crush on her too.” She is telling me all about this as I am driving after picking her up. We get to a stop light, and I look into the rear view mirror to see a little smile on her blushing cheeks- when I hear her say…

    “He is even Bulgarian! I don’t know what that means, but it sounds fancy!”

    I just lost it- started cracking up.

    The sweet innocence of a first crush…

    (but if this is really starting in 2nd grade, I am going to need more wine!)

  • Day 24- What If…?

    Someone asked me today what I do if I was not a teacher. This is not something I’ve ever really considered, because I dreamed of becoming a teacher since the 2nd grade. I remember all of the fun things my teachers did for us- like learning songs and projects. I remember looking around the classroom, getting excited for having one of my own someday.

    My plan remained the same all the way through high school, so when it came time to apply for college- I never considered anything outside of education. My biggest decisions were choosing between general education and special education, and deciding which endorsements I should work toward.

    Now being very honest, teaching is not what I expected it to be. There are so many parts of being a teacher that I love. But it is hard, and we are extremely overworked. I do not plan on leaving education anytime soon.. but going back to the question I opened with-

    If I was not a teacher, I know that I would still need to work with children in some way. I am very passionate about foster care, so maybe something in that field. I could also see myself working at a recreation center for children, or organizing a children’s program. I have even thought about what it would be like to run a day care.

    Some times I think of working a completely random job over the summer, not related to education at all. I wonder what it would be like to work at an ice cream shop or be a cashier at a boutique.

    For now I will stick with “Ms. Langosch, Special Education Teacher.” We will see what plan the future holds.

  • Day 23- Writer’s Block

    One thing this challenge has taught me- coming up with topics for writing is harder than I thought. I’ve spent many nights sitting and staring at my computer screen. Ideas pop in my head- but then I struggle to commit to something meaningful enough to spend time writing. It has helped me relate to my students when they complain that they “can’t think of any ideas” or they do not want to use any of my suggestions. Anyway, for lack of a better topic- here are all of the things I did today while procrastinating this post..

    I started off convincing myself that I would start at 7:00.

    But then I had to take a shower.

    After I showered, I checked almost every app on my phone….

    which led to me calling my cousin.

    40 minutes later, I finally hung up the phone.

    I was about to start, until I realized my computer was in the car still.

    After the 20 steps it took to bring my computer inside…

    I needed to have a snack. Which happened to be about half a bag of pistachios.

    Finally, I opened up my computer to get started.

    But it was dead.

    While I waited for it to start charging, I played Wordle.

    So here I am, about 20 minutes until the deadline- with arguably the most meaningless post on the blog. Here is to hoping tomorrow’s topic is more exciting!

  • Day 22- Staycation

    I’ve been on the fence about going on a trip for spring break for quite some time. However, the crowds and higher costs just didn’t seem worth it this year. At first I was a little disappointed, but after thinking about all of the fun things we can do at home, I am now getting more and more excited!

    We all know that this school year has been so hard. Lately I have been so tired on the nights and weekends, that I haven’t had any energy or desire to go out “just for fun.” Spring break is only 3 days away and here are some of the things my daughter and I want to do:

    • go to the bowling alley
    • play games at an arcade
    • walk around the zoo
    • go swimming at an indoor waterpark
    • have a movie night
    • visit the library or a book store
    • celebrate my dad’s birthday!

    I’m also looking forward to having more time and energy to do some spring cleaning and organization. I will definitely sneak in some rest and relaxation, too. Here’s to hoping that the next three days fly by!

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